Evangelization MIssion


Vision:- Being ‘leaven’ in the society lead people to conversion and self- transformation to experience the kingdom of God and to the salvation achieved in Christ.        

Mission:-  In the footsteps of Jesus, proclaim the Good News of Salvation through our words deeds and life witness and contribute our best to transform human relationships into that of love, forgiveness, justice and peace.        


Objectives: -        


Ø  Direct and indirect proclamation of the Word of God.        


Ø  Foster Catholic faith.        


Ø  Build stable and healthy families in society        


Ø  Promote and protect life in its fullness.        


Ø  Spread the message of compassion.        




Evangelization has to be the final aim of all our apostolic activities and so, all our activities in healing mission and social mission need to be oriented towards Evangelization as our Founder Father intended  when he said, ‘through the body to the soul’.  The Evangelization mission can be effectively carried out directly through our Retreat centers, Catechetical works, Parish ministry, family apostolate and Youth ministry and indirectly through our health care mission and social mission.