Formation Mission

The councilor who bears the responsibility and supervision of the religious formation is called Directress of Formation.

Religious formation is a transformation process that begins from the moment she responds to the call of compassionate Jesus who emptied himself on the cross and entered the MSJ Congregation, till she meets her Lord in eternity. The goal of religious formation is conformation to Christ.  Each candidate takes up this goal as her first and foremost responsibility.  Religious Formation aims at the integral development of the individual.  Religious formation is first and foremost the work of the Holy Spirit; however the success of the formation depends very much on the formator.  The formator shall recognize the gifts and talents of the candidates and shall be mindful of their personality development befitting to the spirit of the congregation.        



Aspirancy is the first stage of formation and its duration is one year.  The first three months of aspirancy is the time of observation.  This period is called “Come and See”.        


Postulancy:- The candidates who successfully completed aspirancy will be promoted and admitted to the subsequent stage of formation- postulancy .  Duration will be one and a half years.        


Novitiate :-  Those candidates who show a reasonable progress can be admitted to the novitiate.  Written permission  of the parents are required showing their willingness and approval of their daughter’s vocation.  Before entering the novitiate, each postulant shall submit a written application to the provincial superior expressing her desire to enter the novitiate two months in advance.  The provincial superior in turn gives permission to those who are qualified with sufficient report presented by their formator.  Duration will be two years of which the first year is the canonical novitiate.        




Considering this report together with the assessment of the formation team and the other related members, the major superior permits those eligible candidates, with deliberative votes for temporary profession. Since the profession is the most important decision in the life of a novice, she shall prepare herself in prayer to make this consecration  and fulfill the duties of the vowed life. In obeying the constitution, the temporarily professed is equal to a perpetually professed member.  The temporarily professed sister has no right for three years to elect or to be elected.  After 3 years, she has the right to elect.  Duration will be up to 9 years. Temporally  professed sister will be renewing her religious vows every  year  till she makes her perpetual profession. 

Final Profession: -        


A temporarily professed sister, who followed Christ faithfully from the days she received His call, dedicate herself to Him through a perpetually convenantal relationship. The temporarily professed shall make a free request to the superior general through her provincial superior seeking permission to make the perpetual profession. Based on the decision of the provincial council, the provincial superior submit  the application with a confidential report to the superior general. The superior general with the consent of the council permit to the temporarily professed sister to make the perpetual profession. The superior general or her delegate receives the profession.  After the perpetual profession  each sister becomes a permanent member of the congregation  with all the rights quaranteed by the constitution.